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Open Letter: Marketing Departments

Dear Marketing Departments of every company I’ve ever dealt with,

I am one of the few people in the world who uses an email client that prefers plain text emails. I pride myself in this, because I don’t like burdening people with undue formatting when I can express my opinions and requests in a much simpler way.

Whenever you send me an email, you use a content type called “multipart/alternative”. This content type is used to indicate that the email is available in multiple different alternative formats, and in the case of email, it usually means that I’m allowed to view the email in HTML or in plain text.

What it does *not* mean is: This email is in HTML, but we wanted to taunt you with the fact, so we included a plain text version that says “Get a better email client, you fucking philistine.”

If you’re going to send me HTML-only emails, that’s OK! I have a web browser that I can use to view them. You should probably consider writing a text-only version of the emails you send, but I can live without it. The height of annoyance, however, is when you send me an email I *can* read only to inform me that I *can’t* read it.