Hello, Worl?d(press)?

Oh hi, world!

In classic Mark fashion, I’ve changed my blog platform again. I was using a static site generator, but I figured I’d give WordPress another shot. It looks like it’s doing OK so far, so I guess I’ll stick with it!

My profound sadness that I can no longer blog from vim, but hopefully this will work just as well. And maybe encourage me to be a little more prolific.

Anyway, I’ll be moving over the old posts to this blog. Hopefully I manage to move all of them over correctly!

2 thoughts on “Hello, Worl?d(press)?

    1. It looks like octopress is primarily useful if you’re running a blog on GitHub, and it has a lot of features designed around non-free sites, so I’d much rather run this free site and have a functional blog also.

      I did use Hyde for a while, but this is…much better.

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